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Hi all, Today let’s talk about One of the Interesting Topics in Off-Page categorizes Micro Blogging, Micro Means small, Blogging means writing some article or news or update, You all must be aware of very popular Twitter, which is a Micro-Blogging site, Same like Twitter There are also other microblogging sites, where you can post updates, news, images, video, GIF, etc, But remember you can post up-to 140  Characters only. On Twitter, you can post up to 240 Characters.

The Benefits Of Micro Blogging:

You can share and promote your content or business via Micro-Blogging. Brings instant traffic to your website. Getting Backlinks for our website and improving the keyword ranking positions. To improve Domain Authority.

Here is the list of Best High PR Micro Blogging Sites List With High DA & PA:

S.NO Micro Blogging sites Domain Authority Page Authority
1 94 100
2 88 69
3 79 63
4 68 60
5 63 54
6 43 47
7 40 46
8 38 47

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