NO Follow vs DO Follow

Nofollow Links Vs Do-Follow Links: Which one you need to Target?

Let’s today talk about one of the most important topics in SEO and the most asked Interview Question, what is NO Follow and Do-Follow?
Coming to NO Follow links. here Link Juice will be passed which will boost the page to rank in Search Engine Result Pages, and in NO Follow,
Link Juice will be not passed, and it won’t Boost the Page in SERP’S
Let us understand this with an example.

suppose they are two links, one is Do follow and another one is NOfollow

1) – DO Follow with Domain authority 30
2) NO Follow with Domain Authority 50

Now let us say our website with Domain authority 20 gets a backlink from with Domain authority 30
and gets another backlink from site with Domain authority 50 which is NO Follow
now see what happens
In the Former, as we get a backlink from DO Follow site with Domain authority 30, here link juice will be passed and our website with
Domain authority 20 will be increased.
In the Later, as it is a NO follow site even though it has Domain authority 50, here link juice will not be passed, and our website
Domain authority will not have any impact.
so which is important DO Follow or NO Follow, Definitely, DO Follow are most important when it comes to link building.
but I am not saying that getting backlinks from NO Follow sites is not worthy, Backlinks from NO Follow sites are also Important as we may get good traffic from those sites.
Besides these, Social Signals and Social Sharing are important for SEO Rankings even though Facebook and Twitter are NO Follow sites
So to conclude the combination of DO Follow and NO Follow Backlinks is Important for Link Building in SEO.

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